Leopard behavior

Leopards spend most of their days strolling through the savannah or the forests, hiding in tree or caves. 

The elusive leopard lives a solitary life spending the day up in the trees and hunting at night. The search for a leopard in Uganda is exciting as you are driven out on the savanna keeping your eyes open to spot a leopard.

The only time you can see them in pairs is during mating

But because they are solitary animals they do not multiply as much as other animals that live in groups.

They are very fast and stealthy and the spots on their skins provide camouflage which helps them hide and difficult to spot. They are also nocturnal and that is why it is extremely rare to spot them on a game drive through the parks.

Lions sometimes hunt and kill leopards, so they avoid lions. They also avoid hyena, which are annoying enough to steal their kill/food before they hide it.

In Uganda, If you can find Leopards in the following National Parks; 

Leopard in Queen Elizabeth National Park

In Queen Elizabeth national park if the target is to spot a leopard there are some special places to look, one being the track called the leopard loop. The beautiful cat is also known to be seen by the adventurous channel track, Kasenyi research track around the crater at Queen’s pavilion (recently seen with a cub here) and by the old mating ground in Kasenyi. There is as well a resident leopard around Kyambura Gorge. In the Ishasha area, the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park,  go for the Kigezi game reserve or  Ntungwe mating ground in the morning or late evening if the aim is to see a leopard in Uganda.

Leopard in Murchison Falls National Park: 

If your safari takes you to Murchison Falls national park chances are that you will see a leopard by the palms towards Tangi gate, along Buligi track in the elephant corridor and by Queen’s track through the sausage tree areas.

Leopard in Kidepo Valley National Park:

Leopards in Uganda are as well found in Kidepo Valley national park as you go exploring this untouched wilderness.

Leopard in Lake Mburo National Park: 

Here the leopard search should focus on Warukuri track, Zebra track and Lake side drive in the evening. There is a resident leopard around Mihingo lodge and Rwakobo Rock lodge.


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