Fact about female elephants

Elephants show complex social and passionate conduct, and are said to esteem their families more than most creatures.  They look after children  Female elephants (cows) help each take care of one another’s calves. Keeping an eye on female’s calves is significant for elephant advancement Youthful females figure out what to look like after the youthful,Continue reading “Fact about female elephants”

COVID-19 crisis travel tips

Where travel is essential, you should follow sensible guidance to prepare for your trip and reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19 while this outbreak is on-going. Be aware that there may be enhanced screening/monitoring at entry and exit ports. In some countries borders may close or you may be required to self-isolate for aContinue reading “COVID-19 crisis travel tips”

What do Elephants eat?

Under natural conditions, elephants eat mostly grass, tree leaves, flowers, wild fruits, twigs, shrubs, bamboo, and bananas.  Their main food is grass when it’s available, along with some leaves. But if the weather turns dry and grass dies back, they will eat almost any kind of vegetation they can find.  They will knock down treesContinue reading “What do Elephants eat?”

How to prepare for trekking adventure

It’s not as difficult or complicated as a first-timer might imagine. In fact, trekking is an easy activity that the whole family can enjoy. It is, after all, a walk in the hills. And there are many kinds of walks: easy, enjoyable walks; demanding hikes; nature walks to observe flora or fauna; walks to reachContinue reading “How to prepare for trekking adventure”

Facts about gorillas

Although gorillas are generally quiet, they have a range of complex vocalisations which are used to communicate information in numerous contexts including teaching survival skills to young, searching for food, and during courtship, they are even capable of learning basic human sign language. Gorillas live in fairly stable social groups comprising of one adult male usuallyContinue reading “Facts about gorillas”

Uganda’s Cultural dress; The Gomesi

In Uganda, the gomesi is worn at wedding ceremonies during the introduction, also known as the kwanjula.  During the Kwanjula, all female members of the groom’s family are required to appear dressed in Gomesi. The gomesi is a work of art, lending elegance and an air of regality to its wearer.  It is a luxuriousContinue reading “Uganda’s Cultural dress; The Gomesi”

Leopard behavior

Leopards spend most of their days strolling through the savannah or the forests, hiding in tree or caves.  The elusive leopard lives a solitary life spending the day up in the trees and hunting at night. The search for a leopard in Uganda is exciting as you are driven out on the savanna keeping yourContinue reading “Leopard behavior”